Why Is Gourmet Marshmallows Becoming So Popular?

The idea of marshmallows and gourmet together may seem new at first, but the combination is marveling those with a sweet tooth and love for marshmallows all over the world. They make up for a treat that is hard to resist and bring the memories from our childhood.

Apart from being an essential of a campfire sing-song or a childhood mug of hot chocolate, marshmallows are going through a fashionable makeover, with gourmet marshmallows being predicted as the sweet food of coming years. And for those with doubts over the fully treat having the ‘next popular thing status’, take a look at all the bakeries and confectioneries putting in an effort to stand out in the crowd.

Gourmet marshmallows are quite cool – they taste good, and they can even act as a great source of light when camping out in the dark. They were once used to be a simple confection, and they have been around in their original shape as we see today since the 1800s.

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These gourmet puffs are increasingly popping up on display shelves, and they are even being displayed in the exhibition. There are no doubts that they have quickly become one of the most sought-after treats in recent times.

Here are a few reasons why these cloud-like delights have quickly taken the world of delights by storm:

1.  They allow for creative infusion

The marshmallow sweets allow bakeries to input their creativity, with flavors such as chocolate rosemary, cinnamon, and espresso being a few examples that can be inserted in the oh-so desirable sugary clouds.

They also allow for creativity at home, as they can be cut to various shapes and sizes. Kids can be equally creative with marshmallows by using one of the child-approved marshmallow cutters that is available in various themes including Spiderman, Batman, etc.

2.  They are the new cupcakes

Gourmet marshmallows are being called the new cupcakes; they come in cinnamon flavor and the strawberry/basil option, both of which are intensely flavored, yet subtle to never gum up in the air.
A lot of reports point these delights being in the retro-moment land and term them as the new cupcakes.

 Those who are making them are shouting it out loud by displaying them on tiered vintage plates or little cute boxes for events and parties, all in a creative and beautiful manner. The grace, elegance, and taste make up for a killer combination that can increase the cravings in any onlooker.

3.  They are easy to make and easily available

Making marshmallows at hope is becoming quite easy due to the number of recipes available. People prefer them over other delights as they require a far less number of ingredients and much more creativity.

And for the busy lot, gourmet marshmallows are easily available on the web at a variety of storefronts in different varieties, shapes and colors. Getting them online also gives the buyer the benefit of variety comparison in just a few clicks rather than having to visit several different shops offline.